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Organic Tea for Enjoyment & Wellness

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Basics of Tea

General Prep of tea

Proper care

Iced Tea

"The single seed of thought was planted in Japan. Sitting in observation of the tea ceremony, cha noyu, we were struck by the honor and celebration surrounding tea. The movements, concepts and devotion to tea were captivating and novel to American coffee drinkers.

Years later, this experience was reawakened. While traveling domestically, we rediscovered the pleasure of quality tea properly prepared and shared with others.As we began to make tea a part of our lifestyle we were frustrated by the difficulty in finding quality tea, as well as with the myriad of misconceptions about tea, its history, properties and preparation.Inspired by the opportunity to share our newfound love of tea, we forged our venture, The Tea Smith. We emulate Old World craftsmanship, using the finest teas. Our goals are simple:

  1. Provide artisan-quality loose-leaf teas and accessories

  2. Provide accurate information about tea

  3. Provide enhanced enjoyment of Life through tea" (The Tea Smith)

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