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Skincare Tip Tuesday

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

🦋SKIN BARRIER FUNCTION🦋 Our natural moisturizing factor is a mechanism for the skin that provides a chemical protective shield to the outermost layers of the skin. It has its own natural ingredients to protect the skin's barrier function which maintains elasticity, and also sheds its own dead skin cells.

🌹These mechanisms are primarily water-soluble which naturally attract atmospheric hydration. This function protects our acid mantle which in turn protects our skin against harmful microorganisms.

🌹Just like the skins hyaluronic acid content and collagen fiber break down over time, so does the Natural moisturizing factor! This leads to dryer, dehydrated skin with age. What to do ?

1. Take a liquid collagen and liquid HA supplement like we provide at the shop

2. Use a mask like pumpkin latte hydration mask

3. If all else fails and you can only find yourself to do one thing, ask which moisturizer is best for you and make sure your cleanser is right for you so your not stripping your skin while living in a dryer environment.

Be well, Kristi🦋

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