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Rooibos,Herbal,& Blend Tea

Rooibos: Native to the Cedardale region of South Africa, the rooibos bush was traditionally used as a medicinal remedy. In the 18th century, people began to drink rooibos as a recreational beverage due to its naturally sweet flavor.

Rooibos contains a large amount of antioxidants and is naturally caffeine-free. The minimal level of acids makes rooibos a forgiving brew; it will not turn bitter, even if accidentally infused for more than the recommended time!


Herbals: Many roots, flowers, bark, leaves and seeds can be brewed for medicinal and recreational use. Our ancestors tested and tasted various plants for flavor and safety. Those who survived passed along the results, and so we bring you the following herbal blends.

** The teas listed are in stock.

**There are over 10,000 types of tea. If you would like us to carry a certain one, just tell us and we will get it. We also have a book for you to see

Eastern Chamomile

Produced with the flower heads of finest chamomile. Relax with a cup of this traditional favorite.




Ingredients: Chamomile Flowers

Green Flower Rooibos

Mix strawberries, peaches and orange essence with unoxidized rooibos, then add cornflower and sunflower petals for a splash of color, and you end up with the most exciting rooibos ever imagined.


Ingredients: Organic green Rooibos, rooibos, orange peel, rose petal, cornflower, peach flavor and mango flavor

Tiramisu Rooibos

Just can't do without dessert? Try this shockingly accurate recreation of your favorite Italian indulgence. Features chocolate, caramel bits and (gasp!) whole coffee beans.



Ingredients: Rooibos, chocolate chips, brittle pieces, cream caramel pieces, flavoring, freeze-dried yoghurt granules, roasted coffee beans and Roman chamomile.

Restoring Harmony

Detoxify from your demanding environment and restore harmony within. This herbal infusion balances a subtle note of peppermint with floral tones of calendula and lavender over the vegetal quality of dandelion and nettles. Produced with the flower heads of finest chamomile. Relax with a cup of this traditional favorite.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Organic green rooibos, licorice root, calendula, organic dandelion root, organic nettles, lavender and organic peppermint.

Calming Harmony

This soothing herbal blend is reminiscent of a lemon dreamscicle. Vanilla and chamomile are featured alongside lemon balm, lemongrass and passionflower. Enjoyable anytime, and perfect for an evening routine to relax and retire.




Ingredients: Vanilla bean rooibos, organic lemon grass, organic lemon balm, organic passion flower, chamomile, and organic rose petals.

Healthy Harmony

Robust flavors of elderberry and ginger are paired with lemonbalm, echinacea and the mellowing sweetness of licorice root. Whether you are in the peak of health or feeling less than your best, this is the herbal infusion for you.




Ingredients: Organic elderberry, organic echinacea, organic ginger, organic lemon balm, licorice root, organic raisin, organic hibiscus and natural flavors.

All about Rooibos Tea

***Info provided from the tea smith

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