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The production of white tea is unlike all others. The leaves withered and dried. They are not rolled, crushed or cut. Sometimes, they are plucked before the leaf buds open. This special handling results in a very mild tasting and pale liquor.


Since white tea has a delicate body, it should not be taken with sugar or milk. It can be infused several times and is a wonderful evening tea. There are flavored or traditional white teas.  Authentic white teas are produced only in the Fujian Province of China.


White Tea

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**There are over 10,000 types of tea. If you would like us to carry a certain one, just tell us and we will get it. We also have a book for you to see

White peach

The fruity tang of peach melts into White Peony to create a balanced cup. The round, full aroma is mirrored in a slightly sweet, satisfying liquor. Although more flavored white teas are becoming available, it is still unusual to find one of this caliber


Ingredients: Organic white tea, natural peach flavor, organic white tea with jasmine flowers, essential orange and tangerine oils.

Blanc de Blueberry

Natural blueberry flavors accentuate the taste of the Organic white tea. This is a must for fans of blueberries! Sure to be one of your favorites




Ingredients: Ingredients: Organic White Tea, organic hibiscus, organic blueberry, organic blue malva and blueberry flavor.

All about White Tea

***Info provided from the tea smith

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