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Kristi Weir

Owner, Esthetician & Wellness Advisor


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      I am from a small town, the size of Salmon, in Wyoming. I lived there my whole life until I left for college with a desire to see the world and to learn as much as possible. I moved to Salmon in 2015 and I am absolutely in love with its beauty. I am married with a beautiful daughter named Isabella(Bella) and my son Jaxson. Bella is the inspiration for the name of my spa. She inspired me every day to strive for the best and to be my best. I brought my education and passion for eminence organic skincare with me for what I have seen it do for people I helped. My goal my whole life has always been to make a difference in peoples lives!

     My college education includes Social Science, Nutrition,  and Skincare. I went to school for esthetics with the intention of having a source of income while I went for my masters and beyond. Half way through my esthetics classes, my brother was  diagnosed with Melanoma. This is when I was introduced to the Eminence Organics skin care line. The horrors he had to go through changed my course of priorities in my education. I became very dedicated to skin, especially skin that was very complicated due to chemo and radiation.

      I graduated from Esthetics school in Lincoln, NE with additional hours and training instead of the traditional certification.  I was hired by a medical Spa in Omaha,NE that was owned by three very talented doctors including a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon, who made it priority to practice as naturopathic as possible.  I was trained in Eminence organics skincare, laser hair removal, injections, hydro facials, Jane Iredale makeup line, and after care for medical procedures. Once established at this medical spa I got news that my brother's condition progressed severely and melanoma took over. This was enough for me to quit my job and move back to Wyoming in 2013.

     As my Brother passed away in 2013, I became very dedicated to helping others with healthy skin, as well as makeup and cosmetic enhancements such as, eyelash extensions and eyebrow extensions including micro blading. I held cosmetic events as donation for those going through chemo treatments and gave them makeovers. I look forward to doing events in Salmon, Idaho falls, and Missoula. I also plan to do bi-annual fundraisers in Salmon.

     My daughter Bella was born 2 months after my brother passed which included some medical tragedies for her an I.  I vowed to dedicate my expertise to helping others to feel beautiful, healthy. My goal is to help people with their overall wellness through, skin care for the whole body, hair removal, nutrition, cosmetics, infrared sauna, tea or even just an appointment to come in and relax to let the stress melt away.

Be well,

Kristi Weir

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